How 20 Celebrities Have Changed Since They First Stepped Into the Spotlight

Amazing Celebrity

Sometimes, you just need a major beauty change, whether it’s a new hair color or a total makeover. But when it comes to celebrities, they change their look on a constant basis, whether they gain weight for a role or are just trying to turn back time and stay fresh-looking. And while we’re used to seeing them on-screen where they seem timeless, celebs have to withstand the test of time just like all of us.

We at Impresionante searched the Internet to find out how our favorite celebrities have changed over the years. Some of them are almost unrecognizable today, and others look like they’ve been drinking water from a magical fountain that could restore their youth.

1. Megan Fox

2. Donatella Versace

3. Sophia Loren

4. Robert Downey Jr.

5. Kathy Griffin

6. Henry Cavill

7. Melanie Griffith

8. Justin Bieber

9. Diana Ross

10. Zendaya

11. Jack Nicholson

12. James Spader

13. Lea Thompson

14. Molly Ringwald

15. Debbie Gibson

16. Dustin Hoffman

17. Barbra Streisand

18. Bill Murray

19. Chevy Chase

20. Michael Keaton

Which transformation impressed you the most? What other celebrities should we add to this list?

Photo credit: East News, Getty