May 28, 2023


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15 Girls Who Don’t Shave Their Body Hair Anymore, and Feel Genuinely Liberated

Whether it be a way to accept natural beauty or refuse to follow outdated social norms, many women choose not to shave their body hair. And although it may still be seen as unfeminine, these confident women feel empowered to accept something about their bodies that others are embarrassed about.

Here at Impresionante, we can’t help but applaud these strong women who decided to put down their razors and embrace their body hair.

1. “Armpit hair looks good.”

2. “Don’t shame, don’t shave.”

3. “Natural just feels best.”

4. “It’s ‘Maipoils’ (May hair) here in Quebec! I stopped shaving my legs during Maipoils 4 years ago and never did it again.”

5. “Outfit for the foraging walk.”

6. “He has more, but I’m happy with mine! Couples that grow together, grow together.”

7. “Earth Day clean-up!”

8. “I noticed another benefit of leg hair. I can feel when mosquitoes, ticks and other bugs are on me!”

9. “I got married today and wore my natural body hair as a beautiful accessory.”

10. “Going to a party! I would’ve never had the confidence to do this just a few years ago!”

11. “I found a pic of the start of my armpit hair growth 2 years ago and I haven’t shaved since!”

12. “Haven’t shaved since Spring 2019! So much happier now!”

13. “Beach day.”

14. “I love wearing my hairy pits at the beach, I feel so beautiful.”

15. “Feeling cozy in my bodysuit.”

What do you think about women who don’t shave their body hair? Have you ever considered it?

Photo credit: Reddit