May 28, 2023


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“I Was Told to Lose Weight, but I Kept My Curves” Sofia Vergara Refused to Fit Into Hollywood’s Beauty Standards

Sofia Vergara is an actress whose glory didn’t come easy. She had to work very hard for her goals while trying to fit into Hollywood standards at the same time. But she eventually fulfilled her dream when she decided to stay true to herself and not change anything about her appearance.

We at Impresionante believe that with dedication and hard work, every mountain can be conquered, and Vergara’s story is just one more example of that.

Sofia wanted a career in dentistry, but that changed when a photographer told her to pursue modeling at age 17.

In addition to her modeling career, Vergara hosted Colombian TV shows until she was 26. In 1998, her family moved to Miami, and she had to start building her career again from scratch. There, she hosted A que no te atreves (“I Dare You”) — a Spanish-language game show, and managed to land only small TV and movie roles like in Chasing Papi, Four Brothers, and Meet the Browns.

She was told to lose weight if she wants to be famous.

Most of the Hollywood stars we see on the red carpet are thin, and even the slightest curve on their body is criticized. And that’s exactly what Sofia had to go through. People told her that she wouldn’t make it in Hollywood because she looked big in photos.

Even though it was hard for her to succeed in Hollywood as a woman with voluptuous curves, she refused to change her body.

At the beginning of her career, Sofia couldn’t find clothes that would fit her and found it difficult to dress for red carpet events. They would’ve lent her a dress, but usually, they were a size 0, and she couldn’t fit into them. The clothes would only come up to her hips.

“It was a nightmare. I could never wear very fashionable things. It was whatever was left over. It had to be the one that fits.” People told her that dieting was the solution, but she didn’t listen. “I was told to lose weight, but I kept my curves.”

Her publicist also used to tell her that maybe she should reduce her breast size.

Sofia’s mom persuaded her not to get a breast reduction because many women are desperate to have a 32F chest. So Vergara ignored her publicist’s advice and decided not to change her curvy assets.

“I’m very proud of my body and the way I look. I would be ungrateful to be saying, ’Oh, I’m so mad because people just look at me and see my pretty face.’ I thank God for what he has given me and I take advantage of it,” she revealed in an interview.

Sofia proved that staying true to yourself is another step forward to success.

Even though people tried to convince her to change her looks and Hispanic accent, those attributes were the reason she managed to land the role of Gloria Pritchett in Modern Family. This show made her famous, and she became the highest-paid actress on television for 7 consecutive years.

Do you think Sofia would’ve been as famous as she is today if she gave in to the pressure and changed her body?

Photo credit EAST NEWS, face to face/FaceToFace/REPORTER/East News